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Holding David in your heart with us, and sharing memories and photos of David for David Miles are wonderful ways to help us honor him. If you are desiring to do more, in lieu of flowers we invite you to support:

David visited Angola Prison in 2014 to meet with the hospice caregivers and patients, after learning about their work on the radio during one of his late-night drives down the West Coast. He was passionate about this program because it offers an opportunity for life-sentence prisoners to provide tender care to their fellow inmates facing death within the prison walls, creating a healing experience for all involved. 

The Lustgarten Foundation is a leading organization striving to find a cure for Pancreatic Cancer.

Their mission is to advance research related to prevention, earlier diagnosis, more effective treatments, with a goal of ultimately finding a cure for this vicious disease. It is through their patient connection website,, that we found Dr. Isacoff's expert low-dose treatment that allowed David to fight his cancer while maintaining a good quality of life so we could enjoy our time together at our home in Mandeville Canyon, Los Angeles over the past year.

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