Remembering David

Feel free to share photos or stories of memories.

Oct 14, 2018

I’ve been putting off writing something for quite some time now; not completely understanding why I have been putting it off. I have several theories, one of them includes the difficulty of talking ab
Sep 3, 2018

David. I will miss you. I want to say to your family and friends that you and Steve and Katyjo continuously inspire me to resist wherever I'm roving at any given time. And the attributes o
Jane Hamm
Jul 11, 2018

Marc Rand
Jun 21, 2018

I was there the fateful day when Maria and David first met over oatmeal. It was a total set-up. Katie Jo and crew called a meeting to "discuss philanthropy". MMM-hmmmmm. For some reason, Maria bro
Jun 17, 2018

From the first moment I met David over 30 years ago he has been a truely inspirational and wonderful friend. The beauty in his carefree demeanor, always ready to go on a new adventure has created grow
Tones Porter
Jun 14, 2018

Sep 21, 2018

Essence Of Collette
Aug 28, 2018

It was a warm, sunny day in Los Angeles, as I was driving up the winding pavement that lead to your home on Mandeville Canyon Road. I was a smiling stranger with red glasses and a red car, as I came t
Jun 29, 2018

I will always be inspired by David's sense of adventure and curiosity. I can only imagine the intrigue, excitement and wonderment his travels provided. When I would see him periodically, David always
Pat Shelledy
Jun 17, 2018

these photos are treasures. I will be lighting candles and with you in spirit on Saturday to honor David through that beautiful Hindu tradition.
Jun 16, 2018

The Man had some AMAZING energy. Just his presence..spoke volumes of wisdom and inherent passion towards life. He has to be one of most interesting persons Ive ever crossed paths with. He truly embra